Friday, November 2, 2012

West Side Story

We aren't wealthy, very middle-class in fact, with a small amount of savings reserved for an emergency.  We could have never imagined our emergency fund would be used up living a few months in New York City and will likely be completely exhausted faster than a New York minute!

We found our temporary home in Midtown Manhattan in a newish high-rise overlooking the Hudson River.  Our real home is in "Bigger is Better" land where most folks live in at least a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom dwelling.  Our Austin-based house is about 1800 square feet and is reasonably priced.  Our New York City apartment is about 600 square feet and four times as expensive as what we're paying in Austin.

There are many things about this experience we are enjoying!  The first and probably most comical part of this big city living experience is what apartment dwellers in the city define as a "full gourmet kitchen".  Yes, we have stainless appliances but they are all about one-fourth smaller than any standard appliances in Texas homes.  In addition, our cook top has two small burners and the pan provided for us to cook in is too large to fit over just one burner.  After I cooked bacon for our first breakfast in our new adobe, the non-stick coating on the pan came up when I washed it.  It became blatantly clear to us that in New York City most people don't cook but rather order food in.  The irony in this is it's almost cheaper to order food in than it is to grocery shop.  The markets are ridiculously over-priced in the city.

The other amenities in our new space are ample.  There is a bedroom where we have closet space and a chest-of-drawers for our folded clothes.  The living room shares the the space with the kitchen and office but again, is plenty large for the two of us.  Our bathroom is off the main living quarters and is large enough to get our primping done quickly.

The building also offers a free gym (which is nice for Gayland but off-limits for me), nail salon, complete spa and concierge.  These are all things we don't need but appreciate being offered as part of our monthly rental fee.  We also get limited cable and internet services for free and a laundry room located on each floor (this too is complimentary).  We again are thankful for this beautiful space that offers a "howe away from home" feeling while we are incubating Baby P.