Friday, November 9, 2012

THANK GOD for the status quo - another doctor's appointment in the books!

Today, Gayland and I trekked up to Madison Avenue for another visit with the Maternal Fetal Medicine physician but this time we saw a new specialist named Dr. Chad Klauser (hometown Tupelo, MS).  Again, we loved him and even swapped Southern war stories about his time in Birmingham and how on earth he got to New York City!  He was awesome!  Here are the results:

1.  Cervix is status quo - Halle-damn-lujah!  We're holding stead at 4 to 5 mm! There's not much there but we'll gladly take what is!

2.  We're not going anywhere until at least 32 weeks and then it will be up to my Austin-based OB/GYN to decide if we can fly home the week of Christmas.

3.  We have another enzyme test next week to see if my "about to go into labor" status has changed!

4.  Baby P was tired!  He/She was yawning when we saw the face!  Precious and priceless!  (Other 3D images are below)  OH, and we're so in love it's ridiculous!

We’d like to send a quick note of THANKS to my two aunts, Sara and Annie, for sending more goodies today.  Gayland is now completely ready for winter with his new coat and wool socks and we are stocked up on New Braunfels' Smokehouse meats for the next few weeks!   

Lastly, I have a prayer request for all of you.  Gayland's Dad had surgery today so please keep his family in your prayers and my uncle's Multiple Myeloma is back so please pray for him and my Aunt Sara as they go into treatment again vey soon!

Here's to another great weekend in the Big Apple AND Beat the Hell Outta Alabama Aggies!