Tuesday, November 27, 2012


For those that know my delicious better half (..And I mean scrumptiously delicious…with those hazel eyes and salt and pepper hair that is long enough now to brush out of his eyes, I just want to eat him up which is a problem since that is how we got ourselves into this mess in the first place...geez!  Can't the man just be unattractive for half a second??), it will come as no surprise when I say he is pretty darn funny!  If you've met him casually, this statement might be a bit puzzling because he's actually quiet in nature when in the midst of new faces (and besides, do ya think he can get a word in edge wise with my big yap running all the time?).  For those unfamiliar with Mr. Wonderful, let me be the first to enlighten you; this man is a hoot!  He's not overtly funny, like a Jim Carey (you know what I'm talking about...the obnoxious kind of funny…The kind of funny where you find yourself wondering if the person is capable of carrying on a serious conversation with another human-being without bulging their eyes out, making farting noises with their mouth, contorting their noses in funny directions or acting a fool all the time just for the sake of getting attention…not that kind of funny).  Gayland is funny because his humor presents itself in the most unlikely time and circumstance.  This is a trait I’ve learned to love about him as our years together have increased and we’re totally relaxed in each other’s company (…And isn’t that a good thing?  Can you imagine how horrific it would be cooped up in our 800 square foot, one-bedroom New York City chalet if we didn’t like to be around each other?)

So, what is humor if not shared with others?  Since the secret about Gayland's comedic side is now out, I am going to keep track of my favorite "Gaylandisms" and post them weekly as part of our blog.  Not only will this hopefully brighten your mood and spirit, one day Baby P can read about his/her Dad and laugh along with the rest of us.  My hope is I'm able to accurately express the moment of drollery by just using my words (and perhaps a video or two if I can figure out how to imbed it into my post).

Without further a due, here is my first Gayland-ism...

The setting:  Our living room/office/kitchen space with my big 'ole behind plumped down on the center cushion of the couch (my favorite spot in our apartment).  The high-top, multi-purpose table (which is used as Gayland's new desk, my vanity table and the place we eat dinner each night) stands at exactly 2 o'clock from where the couch sits and for the sake of this story, where Gayland is standing.  I have my feet propped up on the glass coffee table sporting my new furry purple slippers when the baby decides Momma needs a little "nudging".  NOW, keep in mind, Baby P's version of nudging and your version of nudging are probably not comparable.  When this child begins nudging - ah-hum -kicking, it usually makes me jump or at least twist a bit away from the blow.  Once it stops, I grab my right side in an effort to thwart off another attack by my child.  Gayland, being the constant watch-dog he's become after all of our New York City excitement quickly asks with true concern written all over his face, “Are you okay?” To which I promptly respond after a long, dramatic sigh with my eyes rolled up in my head, “Would you like to come over here and feel your child kicking me.”  Without hesitation he responds, “Why do I ALWAYS have to be the disciplinarian in this family?  Why do you make MEEEEE be the bad guy?”  We both started laughing uncontrollably!

The moral of this story:  I am thankful my husband is already offering to be the “bad guy” in the parenting role!  That’s one less thing I have to worry about though I imagine once he sets eyes on his child for the first time he's going to become complete mush!