Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Danke, Gracias, Merci, Thank You

Did you know over 465 languages offer a form of "Thank You" for its native speakers to use when showing gratitude for kindness, generosity, etc.?  While living in New York the past two months those two words have come out of our mouths more times than in the last five years combined.  I, for one, am very thankful for the opportunity to show my gratitude to the many wonderful New Yorkers we've come in contact with since October 22nd and have forever positively impacted our lives.

Since our time in the city is quickly coming to an end, I feel it befitting to say "Thank You" to those that mean and have done so much for us over the last eight weeks.  Honestly and perhaps amazingly, this in and of itself brings a mixed bag of emotions.  

Last Friday, unbeknownst to us, was our last visit with Carnegie Imaging for Women.  Over the last two months, Friday afternoons routinely began with a pilgrimage to 148 Madison Avenue where we would joyfully have a new sonographer measure the length of my cervix, carefully monitor the baby's heartbeat, artfully determine the length and size of each major organ and skillfully evaluate the amount of amniotic fluid in my uterus.  After the assessment was completed, we would get to see our favorite Mississippi born/New York residing physician, Dr. Chad Klauser, where he would answer a myriad of questions we threw at him.  I was prepared to say goodbye to the phenomenal team at Carnegie Imaging for Women this Friday, 12/21, so you can imagine my surprise and sudden onset of water works when I learned while sitting in Dr. Klauser's office this visit would be our last.  After he gave us the final "green light" to head back to Austin, I started to cry...and cry.... and cry.  Saying goodbye proved to be much harder than saying hello.

Today was our last visit with Dr. Szilvia Nagy, our general OBGYN.  She, being the consummate professional, handed-over all medical records for us to pass along to Dr. Grogono in Austin and hugged me at least five times while we both expressed our mutual love and admiration for each other.  I cried before I got into the exam room so my emotions were a little more controlled at this visit.  I only wish Dr. Nagy was a tad bit closer as I will forever love and respect her as a person and physician.  Unfortunately, most practices don't allow, based on revenue demands and the business models put into place, the kind of care Dr. Nagy showed us.  Having a doctor hand over a personal cell number and spend 20 to 30 minutes with us at each visit is unheard of these days and I'm thankful Dr. Nagy took care of us while we were in New York.  God knows exactly who and what we need and at the exact times we need them.  Dr. Nagy is proof of this!

So, we've been released to head back to Texas, which we plan to do next week, and resume our lives with a healthy baby coming our way sometime in the near future.  The purpose of today's blog is to send our sincerest "Danke" for all those that have made our stay painless and memorable in New York...Here goes:

"Merci" to the medical professionals and physicians at Carnegie Imaging Center for Women.  Your knowledge, experience and expertise saved our child's life.  How do we ever properly thank you for that?

"Nagyon köszönöm" to Dr. Nagy and her staff at NY Downtown Hospital.  You made us feel like we had a medical home when we were utterly homeless and we forever love you.

"Gracias" for the love and care given by the Labor & Delivery nurses, medical students and staff at NY Downtown Hospital while we were hospitalized for five days.  Their quick action and diagnosis saved Baby P and thus, we are forever indebted.

"Dhannvaad" to Hector, Marlon & Dawud in our building for being the friendly faces and kind words we saw and heard each day that consistently brightened our spirits.

"Efharisto poli" to Billy, Jimmy and the crew at the Market Diner for taking our minds off my failing cervix and allowing us to feel normal while watching the Aggies and Vols play each Saturday afternoon at their counter bar.  These are some of the best memories we have of New York.

"Shukran" to my Brooklyn-based friend, Suha, for meeting me for lunch twice over the past two weeks.  Though we haven't seen each other in ten years, real friendships are the kinds that pick up where you last left off.

And lastly, "THANK YOU" to our friends, family and work colleagues across the country for your gifts, cards, emails, texts, phone calls and mostly prayers in arguably the hardest two months of our lives.  We will NEVER forget any of you!

In closing, I like most of you have been adversely affected by last week's horrific murders in Newtown, CT.  I found myself asking a few different friends and myself one question, "My gosh, what is this world coming to?"  We may never know the motives behind Adam Lanza's acts of evil but there is one thing I want everyone that reads this blog to know...Keep believing in Good!  We have been the recipients of more kindness, generosity and love over our time here than we could have ever imagined.  Yes, there will be other atrocities before the end of time, I'm sure of it, but don't quit believing in the good 99% of the rest of the world has to offer those in need.  I choose to focus my attention on these acts and I hope you do too.